We are unique in our commitment to a specific set of languages, allowing us to maintain a much higher level of quality assurance.


Our services.

Are you looking for a translation service that can provide you with personalized service for your translation needs?

Do you find the requirements of some agencies to be laborious and time consuming, even for a simple, short translation?

Contact us and we'll discuss your needs.

Global Market Translation can provide translation, proofreading and related graphics services on a quick turnaround basis into and from English, Italian and Thai and from Russian, Spanish and Portuguese into English.

In addition, we have extensive work experience in a wide variety of technical areas, including legal, IT, graphics, insurance and engineering, enabling us to provide quality, accurate translations for your international business requirements.

Depending on the size of your file for translation and your technical, formatting and graphics needs, we can provide turnaround in as little as 24 hours or even less. Plus, our location in East Asia means that we can work while you sleep and in many cases provide translated material to your European or American office by opening time where you live the next morning.

We also work in a variety of formats, including MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, MS Powerpoint and others.

If you want reliable, affordable translation services for Thai, Italian, Russian or other languages, please contact us for a free quote.